Krill Oils

Krill (also known as Euphausia superba) appear as a small crustacean which is similar to shrimp mostly found in cold water of oceans. Krill is food source for many ocean animals like Seals, whales, fish, squid etc.

Krill is mainly found in Antarctic, Vancouver, Russia, Japan and Ukraine near their oceans. The main concern with the commercial harvesting of krill for krill oil is it can affect the species who consume it as food like whale and fish. Krill oil used in nutritional supplements is extracted out from Open Ocean disturbing the balance between marine animals with their food supplies.

Krill Oil

Focusing on commercial use of krill as a human food source, krill oil is used in capsules as supplements and as food for home aquariums. Since 19th century krill (Okiami) has been harvested for human food source which is also consumed in South Korea and Taiwan. Krill appears as red and pink in color due to the reason that they consume plankton as food from ocean.

RED Krill oil extracted from krill is mainly similar to all the other oil found that include Fish.

Krill Oil omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is used with diet to lower triglyceride level in blood whereas krill oil is mainly used as supplement for lowering of blood lipids in body and is nowadays increasing in popularity.

  • Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic) mainly found in marine oils.

Omega-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acid helps in proper functioning of normal metabolism. Main source of omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid is fish oil, egg oil, krill oil and squid oil. Omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid is extracted from krill oil and circulated in form of phospholipid to the body cells.

Omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid helps in growth of mental health and is useful in treatment of depression. Higher use of DHA and EPA can lead to prostate cancer. Some evidence does not support that there is any benefit of using omega-3 polysaturated acid in diet as supplement can prevent cardiovascular diseases or stroke. There are several evidences that prove omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid can moderately lower blood pressure in people suffering with hypertension and with normal blood pressure. Children suffering from ADHD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and other developmental disorders are prescribed to take omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid supplements.

Key ingredients of red krill oil are:

  • Phospholipid Derived Fatty Acid (PLFA): widely used in microbial ecology as markers of bacteria and other organism. It helps in better absorption.
  • Astaxanthin : Natural antioxidant acts as experimental egg product is a natural dietary component that can be used as a food supplement.

Patients should consult with their doctors before using of best krill oil for any condition.

FDA issues warnings that certain fish (Marlin, Swordfish and tuna) contains some amount of toxic ingredient such as methylmercury which leads certain consumers to avoid eating fish to obtain omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid. Manufacturers who are extracting krill oil suggest it is safe to eat krill oil as it contains lower level of mercury. Some recommendations have been announced by FDA for those women who are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant and to the young children they should lower their consumption to only 6ounces of fish per week. Krill contain some toxin ( methlymercury) and other sea pollutants but the amount of toxin would be less as they are lower in food chain so contain lower pollutants. One study has revealed that the krill extracted from the Antarctica Sea contains large amount of organic pesticide.

Manufacturers claim there is advantage of krill oil over fish oil for regulating metabolic activities which include fat and glucose metabolism and benefit those with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not made any recommendations on krill oil effectiveness and its safety point and suggest krill oil is a dietary supplements which can be consumed without prior doctor prescription.

Krill oil can be used for many other purposes which are not mentioned in this medication guide.

Why Red krill oil?

Krill oil is extracted from krill which are small crustacean that live in cold ocean areas in world mainly in Antarctic and North Pacific Ocean. Their size varies from one to five centimeter in length –krill is the only largest animal that makes up largest animal biomass on the planet. Study made by Neptune technologies (Canadian company) which hold patent for krill oil extraction, harvest annually around 500million tons of krill which are roaming around in these northern seas out of which 110,000 tons is harvested.

Krill oil is just like fish oil both of which contains Omega-3 polysaturated fatty acids, eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA), but are hooked in different form. Fish oil contains omega-3 polysaturated fatty acids which are found in triglyceride form whereas in case of krill oil omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid is hooked up in double chain phospholipid structure. EPA leg of phospholipid structure is attached to a molecule of astaxanthin, a potent anti-oxidant. Krill oil contains a phospholipid structure of EPA and DHA makes it more absorbable and allows in easier entry in mitochondria and cellular nucleus. Krill oil also contains a complex complex phospholipid including phosphatidylcholine, a source of reductive stress reducing choline which acts as natural emulsifier.

Krill oil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and canthaxanthin, is like astaxanthin, potent antioxidant. Krill oil contains antoxidant with potency is such that when it is compared with fish oil in terms of ORAC(Oxygen radical absorptance capacity) was found that it is more than 48 times potent than fish oil.

The astaxanthin in krill oil provide excellent protection against ultraviolet light and UV rays induced skin damage.

A number of reports have shown that krill oil is very effective in reduction of LDL-cholestrol, lowering blood sugar and raising HDL-cholesterol. It has been effective in treating pains in general and inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis. One study has revealed the tremendous benefit of krill oil in reduction in PMS and dysmenorrhea. And it has also been showed to be effective in treating of adult ADHD and in these studies krill oil is tested against fish oil and placebo.

Krill oil is rapidly absorbed by tongue and due to high anti oxidant content in it no fishy burping and aftertaste is experienced which is sometimes come across with fish oil and there are no other side effects.

Krill oil is little pricier than fish oil and is produced only by Neptune Technologies which is shipped to various other supplement manufacturers, so the krill oil we get come from same origin and with same dosage. The main reason of concern is if how long it is kept in the warehouse somewhere and the same reason deals with fish oil. Krill oil shelf life is long as compared to fish oil because of its high anti-oxidant content.

Popping of krill oil and fish oil did not give immediate relief as gained with popping a NSAID as it take more couple of weeks in case of krill oil and fish oil to provide same relief as with NSAID.

By Dr Mercola

I was the first person to promote that krill can act as an exceptional source of omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid and still some criticize me for recommending krill oil over fish oil but number of studies are now confirming the fact that krill oil is better option to fish oil.

It merely took time for science to prove that krill has the identical fat content as fish oil but is far higher quality source due to presence of to astaxanthin and phospholipids that increase absorption of fats.

Omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid is essential for the growth and development of your heart and brain and krill is effective drugs for many widening array of disease.

Plant-Based and Animal-Based Omega-3 Fats

In today’s time many people are facing deficiency of omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid instead consume large amount of omega-6 fats which is abundantly found in vegetable oil and processed food. The ideal ratio of omega-6 should be 1:1 but in most American population the ratio is more like 20:1 or more than 50:1. To stop this severe imbalance people should use the supplement with high quality omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid in their diet plan and simultaneously reducing the consumption of omega-6 in diet to bring this ratio in balance.

Omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid is available in both plant and animal but there is difference between them. Both sources have different amount of important omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid- ALA, EPA and DHA. DHA is very important for the development of brain whereas EPA is also required for brain but in smaller amount as compared to DHA.

Plant based omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid include hemp, chia seed and flax have high level of ALA with low EPA and DHA. ALA is important nutrient for the body, key point that needs to be remembered is conversion of ALA to EPA and DHA is inhibited by impaired delta 6 desaturase, an enzyme that help in conversion of ALA into longer EPA and DHA.

Decreased insulin level in blood impairs this enzyme and in U.S more than 80 percent population has decreased insulin level. So it is really important to include animal based omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid source in your diet.

How Omega-3 Fats Influence Gene Expression and Overall Health

Omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid can affect your cellular health and DNA mainly by how they influence cell memebrane. These are the cell membrane which helps in switching genes on and off as cell membrane includes receptors which respond to hormones and are affected by fatty acids on surface. Cell memebrane contains phospholipid, DHEA and EPA and they help to transport molecules in and out of cells.

So it’s very important to have adequate amount of fatty acid in your system to keep your cell membrane work properly. Fish oil and krill oil both contain omega-3 fat whereas krill oil is superior to fish oil in some reasons:

  1. Fish oil is 48 times less potent than krill oil. It means you need less amount of krill oil compared to fish oil, as published by study 2011 in Journal Lipids.
  2. Krill oil contains phospholipid, so the omega-3 which your body require is already in the form that can be consumed. This proves krill oil is easily absorbed and crosses blood brain carrier and is able to reach brain structure.
  3. Krill is more sustainable as compared to fish as it is largest biomass on this planet.
  4. Krill oil contains astaxanthin is most potent antioxidant so it is stable and resistant to oxidation whereas fish oil is perishable and is subject to oxidation.
  5. Most type of fish oil and fish are contaminated with mercury whereas as Antarctic krill is away from this contamination.

Fatty acid is soluble in water but cannot transfer in free form in blood for this they require “packaging” into lipoprotein vehicle whereas omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid do not require any carrier for its transportation and they are already in perfect form, so can be absorbed easily in your bloodstream.

Omega-3 Deficiency is a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes

Studies done in 2009 revealed that omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid deficiency can lead to 96,000 premature deaths per year; if this data is compared with 40,000 women who die in U.S from breast cancer annually the picture is clear about how omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid deficiency could be more serious. Omega-3 fatty acid is more effective than fish oil in some metabolic symptoms, which include decreasing fat level in heart and liver. Some reports show that krill sourced and fish sourced omega-3 fatty acid both help in reducing fat level but krill oil is much more effective.

There are now many research reports that can safely state that krill oil is much more effective and can reduce risk for metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes and obesity.

In some study it is observed that krill oil can reduce fat level in hearts of rat by 42percent compared to two percent less by fish oil. Krill was observed to reduce fat in liver by 60percent as by only 38percent for fish oil. Accumulation of fat in liver may cause insulin sensitivity, metabolic syndrome and finally lead to full blown type-2 diabetes. Till now it is really not clear as how krill oil does this process so effectively, but the researchers believe that this could be due to long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid in krill oil which can reduce activity in endocannabinoid system (it is a biochemical system in body modulates mood, appetite, pain sensation and memory).

Young or Old—Krill Oil Helps Protect Your Brain

DHA mainly found in omega-3 is important for nervous system particularly for your brain. DHA gets converted into neuroprotectins. With the shortage of neuroprotectins in your body can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Two third of the brain tissue is made up by fat. Myelin (protective sheath) is composed of 30 percent protein and 70 percent fat that cover your neurons. Omega-3 is not only important for adults but is also important for children and infants for cognitive development and vision.

A number of studies performed on omega-3 in last two years reveal:

  • A report published in April 2010 revealed that adults with high level of omega-3 fat in blood were 33percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and also with 38percent less likely to develop Dementia compared to those with low omega fat level.
  • 2010 report revealed that neuroprotectins support good neural signaling and overall brain health.
  • Yurko-Mauro, et-al researched on the effects of algal DHA on older adult memory. People undergo through six month of treatment and their performance test improved significantly resulting an increase in participants learning and memory skills were equal to ‘three years younger’.
  • Another study examined that omega-3 fat is so effective that it can be used in treating psychotic disorders and gave a result that omega-3 “safe alternative to anti-psychotic drug”. Omega-3 can also delay the effects of

Low EPA and DHA concentration can accelerate cognitive decline and can also increase your mood swings and mood disorders. Patients suffering from depression are found to have low level of omega-3 fat in blood, in comparison to non depressed person. A report published states that 46 depressed elderly women were examined and found out these women is effectively affected by omega-3 which help in overcome of their depression.

According to a study issued in 2007 in Alternative Medicine Review confirm that DHA and EPA in krill oil can lower variety of mental and brain disorders that include autism and dyslexia. DHA try to protect cells from gene mutation which can lead to Parkinson’s (brain disorder) and Alzheimer’s disease due to prevention of misfolding in certain protein as a result of mutation.

Krill Oil is a Potent Anti-Inflammatory

Fatty acid plays a vital role in inflammation. It produces resolvins and protectins which help in suppressing inflammation before it reaches to a stage where it starts destroying your tissue.

A number of studies have been published emphasizing on effectiveness of krill oil in pressing inflammation –related disorder. Few of them are mentioned here:

  • Report published in 2007 in Journal of the American College Of Nutrition examined krill oil’s ability in reduction of inflammation. Researchers established that 300mg of krill oil if consumed daily can effectively reduce pain, stiffness, inflammation and functional impairment after 7days of treatment.
  • A report published in 2005 in American Journal of Gastroenterology provided findings similar with respect to reduction in arthritis symptoms and inflammation.
  • In 2010 study in Swiss Animal Study revealed confirmation about anti-inflammatory properties found in krill oil. Experiment performed on mice showed that less joint inflammation was shown by him while consuming krill oil.

Krill Oil May Even Slow Down Aging

One of the study found that increased consumption of omega-3 in diet is associated with boost in survival of patients facing coronary artery disease. The actual benefit is to prevent telomere shortening. The study issues in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examined 608 people in California sustained coronary artery disease from last five years. After completion of five years it was found that persons having higher blood levels of DHA and EPA had witnessed small change in telomere length.

Telomere can be defined as one of the important key to understand aging and stick at the tip of each arm of chromosome. Telomere shortens every time when the cell divides throughout life span. Now it is found out that krill oil not only benefit your heart and brain but also slower your aging process and help in reduction of chances of dying.

The Verdict is in: Krill Oil May Help with Literally DOZENS of Diseases

A tremendous positive result is achieved from past many researches and studies about krill oil health benefit. Nowadays krill oil is one the important key in omega-3 research, and number of drug companies is now introducing krill products.

The GreenMedinfo.com krill research page state that now there are around 25 different diseases which can be prevented or cured by using krill in diet. If you expand and start searching everything related to omega-3 fats the list which will contain benefits will go long, as the gift given by krill oil include everything which is known to be good about omega-3 polysaturated fatty acid. The implication of krill is truly weighty and more research process would be conducted on krill. The following table shows links to number of studies done on krill oil.

If you really wish to enjoy the studies done or want to have a look about what science speaks on omega-3 fat, try to visit this following page to gather more knowledge on GreenMedinfo.com which contains number of studies.

Testosterone Supplements

How is low testosterone recognized? Asking your physician is often the simplest way to acquire a precise analysis. A blood test can be carried out to see if there is a low amount of testosterone in your system. Your physician will even take note of any signs you could be experiencing. In addition, it’s also essential to let your physician know of any medicines you’re on, as some medicines trigger reduced testosterone levels as a side effect.

Testosterone Supplement

Once your physician has made an examination, you’ll be given different treatment plans. Natural testosterone supplements and hormone therapy are the most frequent and successful treatment options available.

What Are Natural Testosterone Supplements?

Testosterone boosters have become very popular recently, due to their increased effectiveness, and the improved diagnosis of low testosterone. Testosterone supplements use proven natural herbs and other ingredients that have been tested to improve testosterone levels. Unlike hormone therapy, a synthetic testosterone is not introduced, but natural ingredients cause your body to increase its’ production of tesotsterone. The improved ability of these testosterone pills to increase testosterone levels are attested to by millions of men who have had their lives changed for the better.

What Are Testosterone Products Administered?

Testosterone products come in different forms including creams, gels, patches, injections and capsules. The injection type is directly injected into the bloodstream, while the other procedures are gradually consumed by the system. External remedies such as gels, ointments, and salves are put on the skin and assimilated with time. Capsules and pills are the most widely used types of testosterone products. These are the natural supplements that cause your body to boost its’ testosterone production.

A less popular approach used to address low testosterone in men requires an enhancement. The testosterone-containing spot is placed directly under the skin and left there for a certain time frame. During this time period the spot gradually melts, releasing the hormone in to the system.

Gains Connected with Testosterone Products

Besides improving sexual drive, there are a number of other advantages associated with using of testosterone products. This is due to the fact that testosterone plays a role in a variety of functions in your life. Three major areas that you can see an improvement with testosterone supplements are: muscle mass, heart wellness, and bone health.

  • Muscle Strength – Some bodybuilders are noted for using testosterone products. It is evident that testosterone treatment is useful for increasing muscles and energy. People experiencing a major loss in lean muscle mass may significantly reap the benefits of testosterone products.
  • Heart Health – High blood pressure and elevated heartrate tend to be part of the aging process. Testosterone products have been found to help control blood pressure levels and heart rate in men with low testosterone. As everyone knows, healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart rate means a better heart.
  • Bone Health – Testosterone deficiency may have a terrible influence on the bones. A testosterone raise could enhance your bone health and help reduce certain bone-related health issues from developing.

Are There Any Unwanted Effects?

There have been questions with the rise of new testosterone supplements as to whether or not they are safe. As with any supplements, there are some risks if taken improperly. Also, if you are taking any medication, it is absolutely necessary to speak with your physician before taking any supplement, including testosterone supplements. You should also make sure that the ingredients in the product are what you are looking for. Never take any supplement from a source you do not trust.

Where Are You Able to Purchase Best Testosterone Products?

Testosterone products can be obtained with a prescription, a supplement store or via an online resource. There are several various sorts and models available, each offering various advantages. The two most popular types of testosterone products are all-natural testosterone supplements and synthetic testosterone – in either a cream, gel or injection form. The all-natural testosterone supplements can be purchased online or in a store, while synthetic testosterone is only available with a prescription.

Best testosterone booster can help you feel younger, think clearer and improve your overall well being. Having low quantities of testosterone shouldn’t be a barrier in life. With the products that are available today you can increase your testosterone levels, which will help restore your sexual drive, strength and health. Visit thankthebest.com to read more on the best supplements now!


MSM Creams

Vitamin C deficiency is unfortunately also the norm in our society: researchers suggest that 34 % of men and 27 % of women do not get enough of this vitamin. Sadly, this is especially the case for the elderly and those struggling with persistent health issues.

MSM Cream

Known for its superb antioxidant properties, and promoted as one of the best and most efficient nutrients required for overall wellness, Vitamin C can shield against numerous conditions and diseases ranging from heart disease to a lowered immune system.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient, which indicates you are constantly losing big quantities of this vitamin on a daily basis. Fortunately, Vitamin C can be replenished daily by eating foods that are rich in this vitamin including citrus fruits, like oranges, lemons and grapefruits and other fruits like strawberries or kiwifruit.

How to Make a Topical MSM Cream with Vitamin C Benefits

Here’s a quick rundown of how I made my own Vitamin C serum that was also a topical MSM cream. A lot of people know about Vitamin C benefits when applied in skincare, but fewer people realise that applying MSM topically also heals acne scarring faster and improves dry or damaged skin very effectively.

When I was suffering very badly after a breakout, I made a magic mix of my two favourite supplements and my skin healed faster than usual.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1. Find an empty little container and clean it out.
  • Step 2. Put 1/4tsp – 1/2tsp of vitamin c powder or crystals in the container, with a tiny drop of water. Stir to dissolve or make a paste. It’s ok if it doesn’t fully dissolve.
  • Step 3. Add 1/4tsp – 1/2 tsp MSM supplement powder or crystals and stir. Add another drop of water if you wish but be careful or you’ll just end up with something too runny. It’s hard to get perfect, so you may have to decide if you prefer grainy or runny. I prefer grainy because I worry that if it’s runny it is too watered down and doesn’t have enough of the good stuff being active in it.
  • Step 4. Add your favourite oil, serum, scar heal gel, or moisturiser. Avoid anything with mineral oil in it as it clogs the pores. The first time I did this I used a 2-3cm squeeze of scar healing gel because I was specifically targeting old (like months old, never going away) scars. The second time I used about 15-20 drops of organic rosehip oil and just kept it on hand as a super-potent serum. Both worked great. The scar gel turned quite liquid but it was fine.
  • Step 5. Use the serum or cream overnight as needed, after a shower or washing the face, on clean dry skin. Use a moisturiser on top if you need to, and don’t forget to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin gently on two different days every other week.

Note: Don’t use harsh exfoliants or soapy, harsh deep cleansers however, even if your skin is oily! I recommend chemical exfoliants such as Peter Thomas Roth Complexion Pads, or Kate Somerville Exfolikate (spread gently and leave on for 3mins – DO NOT rub), and deep cleansing masks such as Aesop Parsley seed cleansing masque, or Origins charcoal deep cleansing mask.

Let us all know here at MSM diary how you get on with your homemade MSM cream/Vitamin C serum!